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  • Stream health monitoring and assessment is a hands-on look at a freshwater ecosystem. It involves the measurement of water quality indicators and observations of the physical and biological features of a local waterway.

    In this activity, students use a variety of water quality indicators to gather data about a local stream. The activity provides step-by-step instructions, protocols, recording sheets and how-to videos for monitoring stream health.

    Regional councils may have stream health monitoring and assessment equipment available for community use. Contact your local council for information on how to borrow a set and whether the council can offer assistance with monitoring.

    Stream health monitoring offers opportunities for cross-curricular learning and practice using the science capabilities. The article Rivers and Us – a context for learning has additional information about curriculum links, pedagogy and resources to support teaching and learning.

    By the end of this activity, students should be able to:

    • measure physical factors including clarity, temperature and pH
    • measure the water velocity of the stream flow
    • collect and sample macroinvertebrates living in the stream
    • assess the stream habitat
    • use the data they’ve collected to consider potential actions they can take to improve the stream habitat and water quality.

    Download the Word file (see link below).

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    In this recorded webinar Alex Daniel from the Waikato Regional Council shares her approach to planning for a successful stream monitoring experience.

    Environmental DNA is a tool scientists use to monitor freshwater ecosystems. Find out more about environmental DNA and use this hands-on and feet-on activity to ‘sample’ eDNA in a lake system.


    This activity has been developed in partnership with the Waikato Regional Council as part of the Rivers and Us resource.

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