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  • This article explores the role of observation in weather prediction. It provides several examples of natural patterns and how they help to predict or explain the weather at several locations around New Zealand.

    Each weather example is placed within a specific geographic context, along with its location on a map of New Zealand and an explanation of why the observational event happens. The examples make reference to specific iwi in the area.

    Rights: Crown 2016

    Connected article: Sun, wind or rain?

    An article in the 2016 Level 2 Connected journal, Show and Tell’ published by the Ministry of Education, New Zealand.

    Image by Spike Wademan.

    Check your school resource area for the article from the 2016 Level 2 Connected journal, ‘Show and Tell, download it as a google slide presentation from Tāhūrangi or order it from the Ministry of Education.

    Teacher support material and reusable content

    The teacher support material (TSM) can be downloaded from Tāhūrangi (Word and PDF files available). The material explains how this article supports students to practise the science capability ‘interpret representations’. It also includes two activities: Weather patterns where we live and Cloudy weather, and numerous resource links.

    Rights: Crown 2016

    2016 Connected Level 2: Show and tell

    The cover of the 2016 Level 2 Connected journal, ‘Show and tell’ published by the Ministry of Education, New Zealand. This issue includes the article Sun, wind or rain?.

    X-ray image © Wellington Zoo.

    Reusable content includes text and images from the article.

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    Activity ideas

    Try out these activities that explore aspects of weather:

    Useful links

    From the Ministry of Education’s Building Science Concepts collection:

    The Connected journals can be ordered from the Down the back of the chair website. Access to these resources is restricted to Ministry-approved education providers. To find out if you are eligible for a login or if you have forgotten your login details contact their customer services team on 0800 660 662 or email


    The Connected series is published annually by the Ministry of Education, New Zealand.

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