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  • This teacher resource lists selected articles from the Connected and School Journal reading series that support science concepts when teaching about the weather.

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    All forms of water that fall from the air to the Earth's surface are called precipitation. Whether it is snow, rain, sleet or hail depends on the temperature of the air that the water falls through.

    Connected and School Journal resources are produced for New Zealand primary and intermediate schools by the Ministry of Education. They are available to New Zealand schools in print and digital form (use the search function in the Literacy (inc. Instructional Series) section of the Tāhūrangi website.

    Connected and School Journal titles and synopses for the topic weather

    Science Learning Hub resources supported by the titles

    Weather in general and forecasting

    Sun, wind, or rain? Connected Level 2, 2016

    What makes the weather Connected Level 3, 2012

    Keeping an eye on the weather Connected Number 3, 2012

    Signs of change Connected Level 3, 2012

    Ben Hawke, Mosgiel's Meteorologist, School Journal Level 4, June 2018

    Planet Earth and Beyond – Weather – article listing Science Learning Hub links to help teach about weather.

    Weather forecasting – article

    Measuring the weather – a timeline – interactive timeline

    Weather – video about weather satellites

    How Deep is Your Snow? – online citizen science project

    Cyclones and hurricanes

    New Zealand’s weather Connected Level 3, 2012

    Severe weather School Journal Story Library Number 1, 2012

    Nightmare on Anchorage Island School Journal Part 4 Number 1, 1999

    Building for the future Connected Level 3, 2017

    These resources explain the causes and some of the terminology associated with heavy rainfall events.

    Cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes – article

    Extreme weather – article

    Water cycle

    The water cycle Connected Number 2, 2002

    What makes the weather? Connected Level 3, 2012

    Making puddles Connected Number 1, 2000

    The shape School Journal Part 1 Number 4, 1995

    Mist Connected Number 2, 1999

    The range of resources we have in H₂O on the go, the water cycle – introduction follows water’s journey through the hydrological cycle. Water, in all its forms, is continually exchanged between the Earth’s atmosphere, biosphere and geosphere.

    Water and weather – article

    Global water cycle – interactive

    Observing clouds and weather – article

    The following activities use models to aid students with their understanding of aspects of weather and the water cycle. They are suitable for mid and upper primary levels.

    Building a water cycle

    Clouds and the weather

    Water run-off

    Lightning, rain and more

    Rain, rain Ready to Read, by Joy Cowley, 1983

    Lightning explained – article

    Viewing and monitoring lightning – activity

    Precipitation and cloud formation – activity

    Protection from the weather

    Keeping houses warm or cool Connected Number 1, 2010

    Science and technology play a part in protecting us from the weather – whether we are inside or outside.

    Insulation – article

    Staying warm in Antarctica – video

    Damp homes and health risks – article

    Data collection

    You can count on it Connected Level 3, 2013

    These hands-on activities support students in collecting data about weather.

    Making a weather vane and compass

    Making a barometer

    Making a rain gauge

    Making a thermometer

    Making an anemometer

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    School Journal supports students in years 4–8 to meet the reading demands of all New Zealand curriculum areas.

    The Connected and School Journal teacher support materials are accessed through the Journal Surf website. A subscription login is required.

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