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  • New Zealand peripatus (Peripatoides novaezealandiae) velvet worm
    Rights: Frupus, CC BY-NZ 2.0 Published 4 May 2021, Updated 12 May 2021 Size: 1.7 MB Referencing Hub media

    New Zealand peripatus (Peripatoides novaezealandiae), commonly called velvet worms, are unusual in that they are little changed from 500 million years ago and have their own phylum: Onychophora. They can be found throughout New Zealand, mostly in cool, shady and damp areas, and only come out at night to prey on other invertebrates, which they catch with jets of sticky fluid.

    For more information on peripatus, see this Predator Free NZ article Peripatus is a sharp-shooting ‘living fossil’.

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